Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have tryouts every season?

Yes, we have tryouts twice a year. At the end of every summer and fall season.

Can we tryout for your team again?

Absolutely. As players mature, so do their knowledge and skill level. We know there are always kids working to get better. A lot can happen in one year.

Are you looking for better players every season? Why not develop the kids you already have?

Yes and no, we are not fascinated by the kid that throws the hardest, or hits the ball the furthest if they are not a good fit for our organization. Yes, we are looking for athletic and talented players to develop but, there is more to a player than just his physical abilities. We want players and families that are amazing teammates first and are coachable.

We do not have the opportunity to train players 4-5 days a week like a typical high school program. Players are expected to make adjustments in season and continue working on their craft outside our practice times. Every practice and game is a tryout, players are evaluated throughout the season on their improvement. This is not league baseball, players are required to perform. 

What do your practices look like?

Early in the season, we cover a lot of team fundamentals such as bunt coverages, base-running, PFP's (Pitchers Fielding Practice), double cuts, cuts & relays. The "boring" but essential part of baseball that most youth baseball players never learn. Your high school coaches will appreciate what your player learns from us. 

As we get into the season we get into more specific drills and design our practices based on recent tournament performances.

While most parents use this time to run errands, we do not have closed practices. Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch. Keep in mind, some players perform better when their parents are not present and can relax without added pressure.

How often do you practice? Are they mandatory?

In the spring and summer seasons, we practice 2 times a week. During the spring/summer baseball season we require local players to be at every practice, and players traveling over an hour away to make at least 1 practice per week.

In the fall season, we practice once per week. Players are encouraged to make every practice, but they are not mandatory. We take into consideration football/basketball schedules and the busy time of the year.

How many tournaments do you play?

Our spring and summer seasons range from 6-10 tournaments depending on age. 

Our fall season usually consists of 3-5 tournaments. 

Is travel required?

We will play local when possible, we do travel to the DFW, Shreveport & Houston areas for tournaments.

Older teams will travel the most and may play out of state during the summer. 

Are there team dues, and what does it cover?

Yes, there are monthly team dues that pay coaching staff, team registration, team insurance, practice field time, and baseball equipment. Team dues can be paid all at once if you choose to do so. 

Tournament fees are invoiced separately per tournament and include tournament registration & tournament entry fees. Some tournament invoices may also include gate fees, a dozen of baseballs, and the cost of coaches' lodging.

We do not have an "elite" team that plays for free and is paid for by the rest of the members of the organization.

As we grow we will have more opportunities for sponsorships & fundraisers.

Does everyone get equal playing time?

No, this is not pay-to-play. Players must earn their playing time. We give all players a fair opportunity for playing time, ultimately it is the player that sets the lineup by their ability to make adjustments when corrected, execution, attitude, and effort.

There are only 9 positions on the field, we rotate players when possible. It is not promised that your player will get a certain number of at-bats or innings played.

We prioritize practice over games for youth players. Many players may play in a full game and never get the ball hit their way, never get a good pitch to hit, and end up swinging the bat a few times per tournament. Most development is done in practice, not just in games.

Are we allowed to pick up and play for other organizations?